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Eldership: Reflections of a

Life Well Lived


First we search to find our gifts and strive to develop them under the watchful gaze and direction of our mentors. In time, our gaze falls towards those who follow in our path, so that the circle of learning, life and growth may be completed. Nonetheless, there comes a certain time in life, after many a Life-lesson, that the mentor naturally transitions to become the teaching itself. We call those who become an embodiment of the gifts they hold and carry, ‘elders’. The gift of the elders to us is not their words or their actions, it is what they infuse their actions and non-actions with; that is to say their presence. In this way, the elder becomes the circle and to sit in their presence is to bathe in the light of wholeness. Such is the way of the elder.


The heart of our program finds its footings and foundations, grounded in the wisdom of the elders. Each residential gathering willstrive to host an elder-in-residence. Unlike other programs, we do not bring out or elders to teach; rather to honour them. Their only duty is to be presentand available to the participants to guide and counsel them in the way they see fit. By their experience, they are free from the yoke of agendas and expectations.


Moreover, the Institute of Complexity & Connection Medicine will house an elder's council whereby the sitting elders will provide direction, inspiration and suggestions forward through the explication of their bodies of work, and the collective wisdom garnered therein.


“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” 


“Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.” 

                                                                               ― Hippocrates


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