Movement Improvisation & Exploration



Kinesthetica, as a theme, delves into a first-person exploration of Western-based, improvised movement expression, contained within the greater framework of Somatic practice. Grounded in the phenomenological tradition of embodiment, somatic practice. as a whole, looks to explore systems of movement possibility as a transformational opening for growth. Somatic exploration as a mode of phenomenological investigation is not a third-person perspective of a consciousness of movement; rather it is a consciousness or subjectivity that is, itself, characterized and reflected by an individual in their expressed motility, via their ability to move and respond freely, all the while grounded contextually in the boundary conditions that comprise and define their life.


The offerings in Kinesthetica will examine organic, asymmetric, and rhythmic manifestations of movement grounded and centered in our shared evolutionary, developmental, and cultural bodies. The focus, as with all of our themes will, however, by principle driven, pattern derived, and improvisatory in its nature.



Complexity Medicine: Exploring Movement and Stillness

Through Somatic Innovations

“Anatomy is to physiology as geography is to history; it describes the theatre of events.” 

                                                        Jean Fernel

“Walking is man's best medicine. ”                                                                                                                ― Hippocrates


The Institute of 

Complexity Medicine