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What  Kinesthetica and Somatica  is to the physical body, Poetica/Dialogica is to our body-of-language. Just as our physical habits can bind our being, so, too, our engrained narratives, and daily diatribes can inadvertently define and confine us. How then can we use our language to en-lighten our being, rather than entrap it? Language, it must be said, is a very rich inheritance, and an immensely creative tool that should never be squandered. The circles of communication that are engendered in our mutual dialogs are multifold and complex, speaking to both the conscious and unconscious mind. Words, when spoken with a poetic spirit become a sensual thing. We talk about the 'dance' of dialogue, or being 'touched' by someone’s words. As well, we find a kindred connection to the entire natural world through the relational kindredness generated through metaphor. Language is not a static thing. It is deeply contextual, and is meant to change as we change. Our language reflects us in the same moment that we reflect it. Its self-referentiality is unavoidable. We become what we speak, and we speak that which we have become. Every raconteur knows that a story must change every time it is told, for both the teller and the listeners are never the same twice. This is why tales are said to be woven; their threads the stuff of relationship. A story told over and over the same way quickly becomes thread bare.


The theme of Poetica/Dialogica seeks to discover a generative, creative and healing dynamic through the multifold dance of syntax and semantics. It is ground in metaphor and analogy. It is based on utilizing all that is brought forth in the engagement. It seeks to transform, manifesting both resilience and resourcefulness. It is playful, at times irreverent, always improvised, and in moments completely silent, as the need for words falls away in the stillness of the manifest sacredness arising at a given point.




“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a mater of opportunity.”                                                                                            ― Hippocrates



Complexity Medicine: Song, Stage and Story for the Soul

A Creatives' Approach to Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

“Every problem of medicine is a problem of language, and this operation was a malapropism.” 
William S. Wilson

The Institute of 

Complexity Medicine