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Align and Design Week 1 - Inquiry into Health Design Thinking

Complexity Medicine’s, Align and Design – Week 1 This week in conversation we: • Introduced the Align and Design concept and process. • Explained our methodology and reviewed our approach utilizing the notion of the Koan from Zen and Gregory Bateson’s Metalogue. • Explored the importance of storytelling as foundational to our approach. • Discussed the etymology of Health – in relation to Wholeness and the Holy. • Held the koan and question, “What is Health” as the focus of our design inquiry. • …and were surprised by the collective answer of the importance of difficult, uncomfortable, and challenging stories, both in childhood and in our adult lives. This becomes all the more important when we recognize the challenges facing us in these times. • Looked at the metaphor of transformation, from caterpillar to butterfly (as inspired by the reflections of Buckminister Fuller and Daniel Schmachtenberger) as one way to visualize self-organization and transformational change in these times of existential and catastrophic risk.

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