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Align and Design Week 2 - Inquiry into Health Design Thinking

Complexity Medicine’s, Align and Design – Week 2 This week in conversation we: • Had a reflective harvest of the stories and insights of the last session. • Introduced the complexity notion of circularity, iteration, and feedback. • Introduced this week’s Health Koan –“Act to Know” (Bradford and Hillary Keeney) • Held the koan and question, “What is Health” as the focus of our design inquiry. • Reviewed the etymology of the word “sin” – and notions of target and calibration. • Two triads of action – with intellect, intuition, and instinct (Three I’s) or head, heart, and gut. • Osteopathy as an interactive model of “Act to Know”. • Evoked stories from today’s koan – calls to action and doing the known in a new way. • Vegetable gardens as the perineal prescription of “Act to Know”, as a source of endless relational diversity in our lives.

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