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Align and Design Week 3 - Inquiry into Health Design Thinking

Complexity Medicine’s, Align and Design – Week 3 This week in our conversation we: • Introduce the holding question or Health “koan”, “About or Within, the importance of your (pre)position!” • Examined the nature of a good question – the trivial vs the non-trivial – questioning as a divergent rather than convergent process – questions that widen the context we find ourselves in (vs those that narrow the field, such as diagnostic questioning). • Cybernetic quotes from Heinz von Foerster and Nora Bateson. • Harvest of last week's insights born of “Act to Know”. • Introducing Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s thesis of right and left hemisphere world views (The Master and the His Emissary). • The legacy of the Enlightenment era - Observing that our science and medicine views and considers the observer as outside of, and thus free and impartial from, the system it is observing (an “about” or “left-hemisphere” view of the world). • Moving towards a “within” position that is aesthetic, whole, and participatory. • Looking at the psychotherapeutic approach of Dr. Carl Whitiker, MD as a practice exemplar of a “within” mode in medicine – i.e. interactive. • Osteopathy as an aesthetic medical practice – a bridge between indigenous and modern medical perspectives. • Metaphors of Complexity theory and second-order Cybernetics as a science that articulates from within. • Exploring risk, vulnerability, empathy, and intimacy as a way of participation and service from the “within” position. • Noting “within” is not just an internal state – rather “within” is the internal and external contexts that hold and nurture us – a place of recognized inter-dependence.

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