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Align and Design - Week 4 - Invert Inversions

Complexity Medicine’s, Align and Design – Week 4 This week in our conversation we: • Introduce the holding question or Health “Koan”, Invert Inversions • Our harvest from the last session relates to the awareness of the types of responses and participation we generate when we ask a question either from the “about” pre-position vs the “within” preposition…implicitly or explicitly so. • Introduction of Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s work, The Master and the Emissary, and his two-hemisphere hypothesis as a foundational metaphor for our design-thinking work. The notion of the left and the right’s proper relation to one another is central to today’s koan, invert inversions. • Explaining an inversion through broad examples at various scales: ecology – economy, health, illness, process –product/purpose/point, etc. • Introduction to the work of Francisco Varela, and his paper, “Not One, Not Two” – The notion of imbricated, iterative relations and dialectics, and the emergence of secondary from a primary in a continuous circular dance of informing. • Stories from art education – The importance of emphasizing process, born of the living moment over product, and technique for technique’s sake. • Recognizing we do not know what we need in our learning prior to the moment of that need.

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