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Design Thinking - Starting Reflections

In this preliminary discussion around Design Thinking, Dr. Sean Park, artist Andre McClure, and Dr. William Sutherland inquire into the process of designing in relation to Health. In this episode of Complexity Medicine's Gateways and Bridges we consider: • The place of design thinking as a primary metaphor within the Complexity Medicine project. • A critical commentary of presently held notions of design thinking, including its present human-centric and materialist, endpoint bias. How do we work towards an eco-centric, inter-subjective design space? • The distinction between design and the broader movement of “creative process”. • The role of the senses as foundational to felt process – a way to distinguish signal from noise. • The recognition of the deep relations and pathways underlying the making of any “thing”, both material (objects) or immaterial (ideas). Through seeing in this way, we recognize all objects hold their story. • The essential role of story in the design process. • How do we learn to give and receive the stories within our objects, rather than just the object itself, and learn to take fuller responsibility for the inner stories our makings contain? • The meaning-making process in design? • What is Health? – and designing from the position of holding this question. • How we can make primary the expressing of a feeling as central to our design. • Design as a way to receive and engage the unknown, the unseen, the unexpected, or the mysterious, thereby making space for the numinous to enter our lives.

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