Residential Physician Retreat

Physicians Helping Heal Physicians

"One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine."

                                                                William Osler


5 Day Residential Retreat:

Returning to the Asclepeion


What is the Asclepeion Experience?

  • It is not a workshop, course, or traditional structured learning retreat.

  • It is an answer to your call (and calling) to be a Healer within the Profession.

  • It recognizes that our journey and apprenticeship in the Healing Arts lays in our own healing.

  • Like the Asclepion temples of Ancient Greece, what is provided is the interactive natural and social ecology needed to facilitate the metaphoric process of Incubation

  • It is a fostering of our individual and collective dreams, visions, and gifts.

  • It is, in its essentiality an improvised and spirited performance: A living example of the process of Life living itself.

  • It is a community to discover kinship in the work.

  • It is unlike anything else you have experienced in your medicine journey.




In ancient Greece and Rome, the Asclepeion was a healing temple, sacred to the god of health and healing, Asclepius, whose staff we still use today as a symbol for the Western medical tradition. Hippocrates himself carried the title of Asclepiad, or follower of Asclepius, thereby pointing us to a deeper lineage within our work.


The Hippocratic tradition of a rational medicine was always meant to be embedded and rooted in the deeper matrix of its intuitive and holistic parentage. For the ancient Greeks, this relationship was never seen as problematic but indeed essential to true Health.


The adage of “physician heal thyself” has turned out to be a prophetic one in the modern age. More than ever the Asclepian aesthetic and life-offering values of relationship, renewal, nourishment, nurturing, incubation, holism, deep nature connection and creative expression are essentialities vitally needed for patient and physician health alike. How can the medicine we practice be whole and healthy if its practitioners are not?


The motivation for such gatherings will be the fostering of creative relationship between the participants, as well as between the participants and the natural world. The vehicle to foster this growth and diversity will be the various praxis offerings, namely kinesthetica, somatica, poetica/diologica, medica ecolgical, natura medica and contemplatio. These overlapping endeavors presented in a natural context are meant to serve as pathways to develop the spirit of an aesthetic rewilding of both our medicine and our lives.


The various praxis serve as a starting point to our exploration, but are outcome and agenda free. Each moment presents a new opportunity as the participants continually bring and evoke a never cessing, always dynamic change, as a product of their living. Likewise, the context of our interaction is never the same as the natural and cultural worlds that we are a part of are always in flux. To navigate this ever-shifting terrain, the art of improvisation and utilization become the tools of our innovation and creativity. As a result of engaging the relational process in this way, no two explorations are ever the same, and what emerges and is brought forth through this process of aesthetic engagement is always what is called for in the given moment.


The fostering of each praxis encounter will be sponsored using a pedagogical framework of mentoring. As well, we will strive to have an elder in residence whose role will be one of spontaneous, unformatted, and unscripted sharing.


In addition to exploring the nature of healing, these residential retreats are also meant to be healing, in and of themselves. The dictate, "physician heal thyself" is of paramount importance, and something that is embraced during these retreats. Through subscribing to a paradigm of service, each member will discover that in their shared interactions, "That to serve is to be served". In addition to the group work together, reflective time and rest will also be encouraged. To support the practice, and encourage the healing process, our residential offerings will be conducted in a retreat setting, nestled within a rich natural and nurturing environment, inspired by the Asclepeion of old a natural. A diverse diet will be provided to be enjoyed through the fellowship provided by sharing a meal in gratitude together.


The retreat is open to Allopathic (MD), Osteopathic (DO) physicians with the knowledge that the fostering diversity in relationship and knowledge is always a life-affirming and regenerative act. Join us as we strive to discover the nature of a truly holistic and integrative medicine in our practice and in our lives.


Lastly, cost is never meant to be a barrier to attending these retreats. We recognize that as being physician is not an act of generic production; rather a vocation reflecting a deeply personalized and individualized expression. Our mission at the Institute of Complexity and Connection Medicine is first and foremost a dedication to healing and Health. If there are any obstacles preventing you from joining us please contact us so that together, in community, we can try to make your welcomed presence in our healing physician retreats a reality.


Those things which are sacred, are to be imparted only to sacred persons; and it is not lawful to import them to the profane until they have been initiated in the mysteries of the science.

                                                                               ― Hippocrates

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