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What is Health - Steps towards a Multi-perspectival Medicine with Dr. William Sutherland

In this video, Dr. William Sutherland (MD) and Dr. Sean Park have an improvised discussion starting with the question of, what is Health? The conversation generated numerous metaphors and ideas including utilizing the ancient hunter-gather metaphors of “tracking” and “capturing a story” of Health; notions of different epistemological forms of medicine (observations outside of the system vs interactions within – pragmatic medicine vs an aesthetic medicine – intervention vs alignment –objective vs inter-subjective); arriving at a multi-perspectival medicine, and concluding with the importance of rejecting misanthropy as a social pathology of our Time.

The Art of Healing - Tracking Health in Relationship

This improvised session between Dr. Sean Park and Dr. Bill Sutherland, a family physician, psychotherapist and artist, begins with noticing a piece of art hanging in Bill’s office.  Through the telling of the story of the piece’s co-creation, themes of finding freedom within bounded conditions, aesthetics, and the improvisatory process of interaction help Sean and Bill to consider healing and the arts as relational and process-oriented.  Working with whatever is given to the artist or clinician is embodied within the conversation itself and serves to highlight the difference between talking ‘about’ creative process and being ‘inside’ the experience of improvising.  Notions of chronos (measured time) and kairos (time out of time, timelessness) are woven through stories that animate relationships between doctor and patient at their most sacred vis-a-vis the experience of tracking health and of Life listening to Life. 

Applied Complexity: From Epistemic Drift to Epistemic Shift

- With Nora Bateson

Complexity Medicine, by answering the call towards greater holism, looks at the embodiment of individual, cultural, and ecological health from an aesthetic, patterned, relational, and systems-based stance. He is a graduate of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University and has completed a residency in rural family medicine. Presently, he is an adjunct faculty member through the School of Environment, Resources, and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo and an External Affiliate Researcher at the Waterloo Institute of Complexity and Innovation (WICI). Research, discussion, and teaching interests include complexity and health, second-order cybernetics, systems biology and physiology, indigenous ways of knowing, radical constructivism, and epistemological and ontological considerations within the complexity sciences

Convergent Innovation Webinar Series - Panel Member

The world is becoming increasingly ever more complex, even as we have more information and data than ever before. The problem is not accessing information. The problem is making sense of information for effective actions and outcomes. Whether we are discussing precision medicine, AI or COVID-19, undertakings in healthcare and society in general are characterized by complexity. The principal components of complexity are interdependency of relationships and uncertainty. Building on prior work in decision science, this talk provides an analysis of a sampling of decision distortions and derailments using the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as an illustrative case study to begin a dialogue with the panelists on the question: how can we leverage systems thinking and the multi-stakeholder decision making to address globally relevant and complex issues?

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