Who are we now?

Dr. William (Bill) Sutherland Complexity Medicine

William (Bill) Sutherland, MD

Andrew (Andy) McClure, Complexity Medicine

Andrew (Andy) McClure,  BFA, BEd

Who are we now?

We are going to rail against the norm of listing accolades and accomplishments, and the monotony of the curriculum vitae (as though a dry listing on a piece of paper or digital screen could ever capture “the course of one’s life”- ridiculous). So who are we then? Well, the relational system called Andy and Bill (or is it Bill and Andy) have played many roles (with many yet to play), individually and collectively, depending on the context they have found themselves in. Each new relationship brings out a new undiscovered aspect of one’s self and ourselves. To each other, we are both friends and brothers in this work. In the orthodox structure of things, in our present incarnation, Bill is a medical doctor (i.e. “Dr. Bill”), and Andy is a creator and teacher of fine art. Nevertheless, in the pursuit of a Complexity Medicine, we look to throw the orthodoxy into Life’s heterodox blender; the result often being a paradoxical mix of both the sublime and the absurd. In this way, Andy on more than one occasion has become a soulful physician through his art and aesthetic sensibility, and Bill a more artful and spirited physician of body and mind! In the creative space of Life’s adjacent possibilities, we invite you to join us, so we can find out who we are with you, and you with us.