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What is The Gateways and Bridges Project?

As healers and artists, what is it about Complexity Medicine that propels (and sometimes repels) us to enter through into the learning present in unknown territory, or gives us the courage to try to cross the chasms of great divides and apparent separations? What are the deeper questions, conundrums, and inquiries that excite and intrigue us? Well, to start with, what is Health, or for that matter such felt notions as Life, Beauty, Wisdom, Wholeness, and the Sacred? Where do such mysteries lie? Are they in us? Are they in you? Are they found in the interactive and relational domain between you and me? Do they encompass us? Do we encompass them? These questions form the cornerstones of our wonderment. A holding and nurturing of them have led to a re-enchantment and revitalization of our world; a dynamic process akin to a midwifery of ideas that continues to bring forth and actualize a plethora and plentitude of creative possibility in our work. We would wish the same for you in your search for wellness in yourself and the broader ecology. Join us then as we delve into these places, giving voice to where we may be taken in our shared discoveries of pattern, principle, and process in Health.

Gateways and Bridges, Discussion, Dialogues and Discources towards a Holism in Health
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Gateways and Bridges is an improvised and interactive inquiry, exploring Health and Wholeness through performative and exploratory frames and metaphors. Through dialogue, discussion, and discourse, we strive to find a felt sense of shared coherence via inspired and inspirited conversation. Moreover, we will look to engage and explore an applied aesthetic praxis in our exploration of healing and art through principles of sensual embodiment, ritual and ceremony, and relational connectivity made manifest and vital through the inherent multiplicity present within living forms.

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