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Hillary and Bradford Keeney present Sacred Ecstatics: Wanderings and Wonderings - Episode 1

Welcome to Wanderings and Wonderings – A Complexity Medicine Podcast – Where in this inaugural, first episode, we are joined by Hillary Keeney (Ph.D.) and Bradford Keeney (Ph.D.) in a beautiful moment of improvised, inspired, and inspirited dialogue. Hillary and Brad are two of the most fascinating and wonder-filled individuals we have ever met, hence our excitement, enthusiasm, and exhilaration to share their Sacred Ecstatics (​ ) work and offerings with you, the listener. In this episode, a reunion of sorts, Hillary and Brad graciously take the offerings of our initially cold and dull metaphors, and through their cybernetic circuitousness, passionate playfulness, and skillful absurdity, they heat up and serve us back some nutritious “meat-aphors”! In our conversation, dead fish are resurrected and invited to swim upstream, cold stones find their way to rhythmically rock and roll, and smoldering embers are brought back ablaze; all in ways that would bring a smile to our ancestors lips and a glint to their eye. We welcome you all to join us in this mirth-filled exchange, as our “meta-physicians”, Hillary and Brad, serve up a Complexity Medicine prescription to us all, in service to Wholeness, Health, Wisdom, Beauty, and the Sacred, and to all that is numinous and mysterious in our lives. We, whole-heartedly encourage you to connect with the Keeneys through their Sacred Ecstatics website at (​ ). To immerse yourself deeper in their dynamic, ever-changing work, consider reading their Sacred Ecstatics book series, along with their many other thought-provoking publications (​ ), or mentoring with them directly through their annual Sacred Ecstatics Guild work (​ ). Yours In Health Dr. William Sutherland and artist Andrew McClure of the Complexity Medicine initiative

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