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Salvatore Gencarelle - Finding a Home in the Sweat Lodge: Wanderings and Wonderings - Episode 2

Welcome to this episode of Complexity Medicine’s, Wandering and Wonderings podcast, with Salvatore Gencarelle. In this conversation, Sal and I reflect on what brought us together in friendship through our mirrored paths, grounded in a life-long relationship with indigenous elders, families, and communities, while looking at the vital role they have played (and continue to play) in our growth, and in our mutual becoming. In this talk, we share stories from our time with the Lakota (Sal) and the Anishinabe (William) peoples. Through this improvised exchange, our sharings meander through our time in the countless sweat lodges (Inipi in Lakota) we have participated in, and how the return to the lodge always brings a sense of coming back “home”; yet remains eternally new and wonder-filled. In our reveries, we further remember our teachers, many who have passed, and give reflection to how we were touched by the numinous in our time with them, yet, all the while, being grounded, by their deep humanness with all of its accompanying struggles. All in all, we take this time to give gratitude for the role that our adopted traditional families have played in our lives (and us in theirs), and in doing so consider the deep perineal, indigenous world-view of, “All My Relations”, both seen and unseen, in our shared individual, cultural, ecological, and spiritual lives. We invite you, the listener to join us in our journey of remembrance, reverie, and reflection in this sharing of story. For more information about Sal and his work, in cultural-regeneration and ecological stewardship, go to the Helpers Mentoring Society webpage at https://helpersmentoringsociety.mykaj...​ . Alternatively, find Sal on Facebook at​ . Yours In Health and Gratitude Dr. William Sutherland and artist Andrew McClure of the Complexity Medicine initiative

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